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mods.pre.pre2.procDirective Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for mods.pre.pre2.procDirective:
mods.pre.pre2.includeDirective mods.pre.pre_If.IfDirective mods.pre.pre_Repeat.RepeatDirective

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name)
def getLength (self)
def match (self, name)
def evaluate (self, data, pos)
def getNewPosition (self)
def addTokenRE (self, args, key, defaultToken, prefix=r'''(?i)[\t] *''', postfix='')
def searchTokenToEnd (self, key, data, start)
def searchTokenToPosition (self, key, data, start, end)
def finditerTokenToPosition (self, key, data, start, end)
def makeTokenErrorMessage (self, msg, key)

Public Attributes


Member Function Documentation

◆ addTokenRE()

def mods.pre.pre2.procDirective.addTokenRE (   self,
  prefix = r'''(?i)[ \t]*''',
  postfix = '' 
Add a token/create an RE with a prefix that by default ignores preceding whitespace.
Stores the RE in a dictionary for this directive.  Note this currently expects
complex tokens like <EndToken> not something as overloaded as a close paren.

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