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mods.pre.pre2.procDirective Class Reference
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mods.pre.pre2.includeDirective mods.pre.pre_If.IfDirective mods.pre.pre_Repeat.RepeatDirective

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name)
def getLength (self)
def match (self, name)
def evaluate (self, data, pos)
def getNewPosition (self)
def addTokenRE
def searchTokenToEnd (self, key, data, start)
def searchTokenToPosition (self, key, data, start, end)
def finditerTokenToPosition (self, key, data, start, end)
def makeTokenErrorMessage (self, msg, key)

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Member Function Documentation

def mods.pre.pre2.procDirective.addTokenRE (   self,
  prefix = r'''(?i)[ \t]*''',
  postfix = '' 
Add a token/create an RE with a prefix that by default ignores preceding whitespace.
Stores the RE in a dictionary for this directive.  Note this currently expects
complex tokens like <EndToken> not something as overloaded as a close paren.

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