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mods.pre.pre2.dataString Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, data)
def insert (self, pos, insertData)
def getLength (self)
def getPosition (self)
def setPosition (self, pos)
def getItem (self, pos)
def getDataAtPosition (self, pos)
def getData (self)
def getSlice (self, i0, i1)
def getSliceForward (self, i0)
def removeSlice (self, i0, i1)
def getCurrentData (self)
def insertAtCurrent (self, includeData)
def append (self, appendData)
def advanceAndGetNextData (self)
def validPosition (self, position)
def findToEnd (self, start, s)
def match (self, sre, start, end)
def matchToEnd (self, sre, start)
def searchToEnd (self, sre, start)
def searchToPosition (self, sre, start, position)
def finditerToEnd (self, sre, start)
def finditerToPosition (self, sre, start, position)

Public Attributes


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