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pFUnit is a unit testing framework enabling JUnit-like testing of serial and MPI-parallel software written in Fortran. Initial support for OPENMP has been implemented. pFUnit makes use of modern Fortran programming techniques, including object oriented programming, offering a convenient, lightweight mechanism for Fortran developers to create and run software tests that specify the desired behavior for a given piece of code. The framework was originally created by developers from NASA and NGC TASC. The project is hosted at sourceforge/projects/pfunit.

If you are using pFUnit, please leave a note/topic at Applications of pFUnit, or send a note to Tom Clune, Ph.D., Advanced Software Technology Group, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Please refer revisions and comments about the documentation to Mike Rilee, Ph.D., Rilee Systems Technologies.


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Rights of use for GSC-15,137-1 F-UNIT, also known as pFUnit, are defined by the NASA Open Source Agreement (version 1.3). The LICENSE document may be found in the head directory of the pFUnit distribution.


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